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156cm E Cup Real AI Robot Sex Doll by AI-Tech

***This video is of an adult real life size TPE sex doll, not a human being***
In this video we review the new 156cm E-Cup sex robot doll from AI-Tech. She is an artificially intelligent sex doll robot with a real AI that you can talk to. She has deep learning capabilities and the more you talk to her the more she learns and the smarter she gets. She has an advanced facial expression capability which allows her to smile, wink, and more. She has robotic eyes that blink and come with built in cameras and facial recognition to give her a life like presence. Her robotic mouth has mechanisms installed to ensure her lips move properly with her speech and facial expressions. Her head can turn left and right and she also has an internal heating mechanism which gives her a real human body temperature. She has multiple touch sensors and will respond with hot, intense, exciting moaning sounds to every touch of her private parts.

You can get this doll and all information about it at


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