Hannah Witton

Ambassador for leading sexual health

I’m Hannah, a 20-something northerner living in London and slowly losing my accent. I make a whole bunch of different online content mostly about sex and relationships, books, navigating life in your 20s, work and pleasure. I’ve been making videos on YouTube since 2011 and created the web series, The Hormone Diaries, in which I document the process of my coming off The Pill and learning about periods, hormones and contraception. You may sometimes see me appear on TV and radio shows talking about feminism, body image, sexuality, and gender, amongst other topics.

I studied history at the University of Birmingham and specialized in sexual history with my dissertation being about Victorian sex manuals. And so I wrote my own sort of sex manual. In 2017 I published my first international book, Doing It, a young adult non-fiction education and advice book about sex and relationships.

I also host of the weekly podcast by the same name, Doing It, in which I chat with different guests all about sex, relationships, love and bodies.

I’ve suffered with the inflammatory bowel disease, Ulcerative Colitis, since I was 7 years old and in January 2018 I underwent emergency surgery to have my colon removed and now I live with a stoma (I poo into a bag). Since then a lot of my content is about IBD, living with a stoma and raising awareness about the many people living with chronic illness or invisible disabilities.

I work as an Ambassador for leading sexual health charity, Brook.

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