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Alexis Fawx interview – Coffee, Weed, Dancing Bears, Airforce, MILFs and COMEDY!! w/Alexis Fawx

Alexis Fawx interview is fascinating. Alexis is a top Porn Stars but also a smart entrepreneur w/quite an exciting life! We cover much here with Ms. Fawx, but how about the time she almost pooped, peed, puked & had her nipples fall off? Alexis Fawx is Fierce! See Below! Subscribe: ►

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Alexis Fawx is a name familiar to fans of adult entertainment. The Pennsylvania native launched her career in 2010 and has quickly become one of the industry’s top stars. At the time, Bang Bros. recognized the bombshell’s potential and put her under contract. After a successful run of scenes for the company, Alexis branched out and began filming for other companies. Production houses lined up for the opportunity to lens the highly in-demand talent and Alexis has gone on to film with virtually every major company in adult entertainment. Alexis’ success can be attributed to her love of sex, stunning beauty and an incredible work ethic. Alexis Fawx Bio

0:00 Opening
1:25 Alexis’ dog Loki
2:40 Miss being on set
3:10 The High as Fawx Show & Richy Leis
4:25 Smoke weed and laugh
5:01 Not using phones
5:36 The Stand-Up Comedians of the High AF Show – Josh Potter, Joe Derosa, Tom Segura, Your Moms House
6:08 Coffee Love – Coffee plantations
7:01 Too much coffee for Alexis!!
7:07 High AF Coffee brand
8:20 Fawx Causes – Legalization of marijuana, Front line responders
8:53 MILFs, being a MILF expert, MILF of the year
10:28 Hydration in Las Vegas
11:04 What is squirting really?
12:07 Spank Bank awards
12:54 Is Alexis Size Queen?
13:25 Trashing your ex-surfer instructor
14:35 Having fun in the AirForce
15:15 Mile high club?
15:30 Handy J’s in the terminal
15:40 Secretary the Movie with Maggie Gyllenhaal, BDSM,
17:26 How Alexis Fawx really started her porn career
17:58 Dancing Bears??
18:30 Water, nature, vacations, sharks
19:12 COMEDY QUESTIONS – Favorites: Sylvia Sage, Rachel Wolfson, Joe Derosa, Josh Potter, Tom Segura, Jimmy Shubert, Rich Leis
19:52 Penny Pax saves the anal scene!



Starring: Alexa Fawx
Hosts Bo Blaze & Chris Park
Directed & Edited by Bo Blaze
Production Manager Chris Park

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