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Annual Lifestyle Awards: Help Us Represent You And Swingers Lifestyle Community

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It’s 2017 and time for the annual awards again.
It would mean the world to us if you were to vote and help us represent the lifestyle community for you this year.
Your voice and action helps re-enforce what we do and gives us so much encouragement and love to continue sharing this amazing journey with you.
Here are the categories we’ve been nominated for:
– Best Gulf Cost / Texas Club – colette (Dallas / New Orleans / Houston)
– Best Lifestyle Blogs – Openlove101
– Best Lifestyle Educator – Jackie and John Melfi
– Best Lifestyle Website & Books: Informative – Swingers’ Lifestyle: The Questions You are Afraid to Ask

These awards are so significant for us because it means on some level that we’re making a meaningful difference and contribution to your lifestyle journey.
And we are so extremely grateful for your support.
We appreciate you very much!
With love,
John and Jackie

Vote here –

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