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Bailey Base Getting High & Talking Tesla Sex w/ Co-Star Luke Cooper

Bailey Base is so high! AND she’s “trying” to talk with us about her adventure in the viral Tesla video, having sex with boyfriend Luke Cooper. This is a behind the scenes video as we leave in some hilarious mistakes and silliness for you to enjoy. SO CUTE! Subscribe: ►

If you look up adorable in the dictionary there is a picture of Bailey Base doing this video with Comedians Talk to Porn Stars. Bailey is one of those people who the higher they are the cuter they become.

#BaileyBase #TeslaSex #gettinghigh

0:00 Bailey Base Begins
0:04 Bailey is confused. No it’s my boyfriend Luke Cooper
0:27 YES its my Boyfriend Luke, right answer
0:34 It’s Luke Cooper
0:46 Luke has a Big Penis
0:49 The Tesla Video has 2 versions. The Day Video, and Night Video
0:56 Bo likes the night one better because Bailey is really high
1:05 bailey pulls out bong and it wont light”
1:28 Luke’s penis is so big we wonder how Bailey’s mouth is stretched to the limit
2:15 We learn that Bailey Base has a “Mouth, inside of my mouth”
2:25 Luke describes the mouth inside of her mouth… (psst… it’sher throat)
3:00 “Wed love to imagine that, but our dicks aren’t big enough”
3:10 “Have you ever seen the movie Alien?” It’s like that
3:38 Bailey takes a rip off her Bong and Bo says “that’s the face from the video!”
3:50 Lukes Cock, Bailey says “its…pretty amazing!”
4:30 Reviewing XVideos comments on their videos
5:36 “It’s a magical tesla! It’s made by wizards!”
6:08 Bailey says Luke uses telepathy to drive the car
6:18 Luke has it all, “maybe Luke is a wizard”
6:28 “Imagine how laid you can get in a tesla?” …you can get pretty laid”
6:43 the video went viral, 15 million + views


Bailey Base & Luke Cooper

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