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Daddy/Dom/Sadist & Vulnerability Lover: Windham’s Sex Stories

His shame-o-meter used to hover around an 8, these days it’s down to a 2—he used to feel like his desires were allowed, but post-14-year marriage and with the internet acting as an equalizer, he’s been able to welcome and even explore his kinkier side. We talk online dating successes and non-success, feeling safe enough to tell a new partner “everything,” BDSM, impact play, heavy metal and chains, psychological domination outweighing the physical, his need for connection with a partner (distinct from a desire for romantic relationship), his current very awesome partner and all their explorations—including a hotel orgy, the intersection between the dungeon and swinger crowds, the difference between his Dom, Daddy, and Sadist modes, immobilization, Saran Wrap, sensory deprivation, thought experiments, kinky duffel surprises, a steel whipping rod, piss play, outdoor sex, mutual vulnerability, tongues everywhere and getting turned on by tears. 53 cis het straight M into foreign accents, intelligence, D/s, former journalist from the Midwest, now lives in Boston area. // //
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