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Deep, Creative Butt-Loving Feelings

Episode 10 | 2021 July 1
Deep, Creative Butt-Loving Feelings

Becky’s Kinks in the Stars
Sex Stories Episode Guest 102 | Kinky? Yes.
Into? Butts, musk, hair, cock worship, making out with girls, sex in general, homemade weed lube, tails, kink, rope explorations (AND) a rope daddy, buttholes, sucking toes, kink and rough stuff, sex on a double decker bus, and cock-biting.
We talk 12th house Moon and Mars in Cancer (weed lube, passionate homey cuddle sex, deeply emotional and water-loving) and a cancer rising, Pluto in Scorpio in the fifth house, the passion of Venus in Aries, the wild & kinky house of relationship, a seriousness about weird explorations, and deep feeling in the realm of exploration.

And, a made-up fantasy that takes place in a human kitty castle (a “Catsle”) with rope dunk into a magical on-stage hot tub.

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