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Hedonism, Debauchery & Play: Sky’s Sex Stories

Sky Wind is now a 1 on the shame-o-meter, has learned his sexual lessons through trial-and-error, and is as creative in his sex life as he is in his work as an artist. He talks about prioritizing partner pleasure, learning about different social and cultural norms when he went away to school, including what it means to be Black in non-Black spaces. We talk about exotic hookups from all over in college, how the sneaking around he did in high school translated into his adult years, and he talks about places he’s been caught, his masturbation/creativity routine, the richness of his fantasies, face sitting, how he discovered poly was a way more preferable option than cheating culture, how nude photography led him to be on a panel at a sex conference, and what learning more about explicit boundaries, consent, and sex positivity in general has done to change his life and sex life. // 34 straight (but open-minded) cis male, (he,him, gamemaster) Black American, ENM, partnered, into hedonistic play and exploration, a creative professional from the South // // // //


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