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I Like Being Rude: Charlie’s Sex Stories

TW: details of top surgery, mention of non-consensual & boundary-pushing experiences. Charlie had to ask for a sex talk, was told masturbation could lead to hurt, and watched the same sex ed pancake video as Wyoh in school. They discovered a bratty side with their first boyfriend in high school, and got their heart broken by their girlfriend from writing camp so that college became about trying to fuck dudes who they weren’t super into, which led to some not-awesome experiences. We talk details of fingering, oral, fucking, how sensitive a clit gets on T, awesome threesomes and less-awesome partners who don’t go down on vulvas, an IUD horror story, the joy of being a shitty brat, the hotness of asking, the need for partners to understand they are not a girl, tenderness and getting thrown around, bruises, the power of the strap-on, rim jobs, squirting (not pee!), ethical porn, and long, hard orgasms. 26 W transmasc of center with he/they pronouns; polyamorous and partnered, a sub-leaning switch, filmmaker in Los Angeles.
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