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Jessica Starling – Talks first AVN Nom, Rating D’s, Game Grumps & Being Jessica Starling

Jessica Starling is a professional masturbator. She also Cuckolds Co-Host Chris Park and he hilariously doesn’t “get it.” They both discuss selling panties? Jessica Starling talks her first AVN nomination, rating D’s, love of Gaming & her fave “Game Grumps.” Please Subscribe: ►

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Jessica Starling is also known as Mistress Jess and she identifies as a Dominatrix, a cuckoldress, a humiliatrix and perhaps most disturbingly, a butthole violator. She talks about having a Giantess Fetish, Smoking Fetish and even vore fetish.

Co-host Chris Park has quite the day, as Jessica teaches him what a cuckold is as well as try to help him with his new underwear selling career. She talks about her infamous creepy doll video, Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby & the Pouch of Douglass.

Don’t forget the double tap! Zombieland is discussed and how great the whole Bill Murray thing is in that movie.



Starring: Jessica Starling
Hosts Bo Blaze & Chris Park
Directed & Edited by Bo Blaze
Production Manager Chris Park
Written by Bo Blaze, Chris Park & Kevin Train Moxley

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