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Jillian Janson talks Horror Movies, VR Sex, Feature Dancing, sex with Elvis? W/Jillian Janson

Jillian Janson really lets loose and has fun in this interview. She tells one of the funniest yet grossest stories ever, acting in porn & horror movies and how Jillian’s fans kept her going during the shutdown. Jillian Janson is amazing! See links below! Please Subscribe: ►

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00:00 – Jillian Janson Interview
01:15 – How are things going for you? Talking to fans.
01:54 – Covid testing is sexy
02:31 – Recent Porn Shoots
03:00 – Fans helped Jillian deal with the lockdown. Connecting with fans
03:41 – Only Fans, Bella Thorne, Beyonce, Cardi B
04:47 – The future of porn, fans supporting performers
05:20 – Exxxotica and CTTPS starting there
05:55 – VR Porn – Virtual Reality Porn
06:40 – AR Porn – Augmented Reality Porn, 360 view
07:20 – The Scarlett Witch – Being a Marvel Character 2x
08:10 – Poor Chris thinks he had actual VR sex with Jillian Janson and we have to let him down easy
09:43 – Horror movies that Jillian has acted in. “Femalien: Cosmic Crush”, “Cynthia”, Full Moon.
10:26 – Covered in Blood
11:00 – Evil Bong 777, Charles Band
11:26 – Sex with a giant Elvis Puppet and it’s giant penis
12:09 – Silent Caller, digital playground, does she want to do mainstream movies?
12:32 – Feature dancing, Night Moves hall of fame, connecting with her fans
Favorite Comedians Youth: Larry the Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy, Jeff dunham
Favorite Recent Comedians & Shows: Adam Sandler, David Spade, The League, Family Guy, Big Mouth, The wrong Missy & Lauren Lapkus – Crazy & Sexy
14:48 – The funniest thing that ever happened on set! This one is not for the feint of heart. It includes a lot of vomit & Taylor Swift throats? It makes Bo laugh so hard he pounds his desk.
16:13 – Tell us a joke – What we do in the shadows
16:34 – Finding Jillian Janson
16:59 – Finding the show and the guys



Starring: Jillian Janson
Hosts Bo Blaze & Chris Park
Directed & Edited by Bo Blaze
Production Manager Chris Park

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