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Loves to be Hunted, Wrestled, & Caught: Sam’s Sex Stories

TW: assault/rape // Drawing kinky queer people having sex in consensual ways set Sam on a path of exploration and education and led them to create Shimpteeth, a place of sexy support. Sam and Wyoh talk Funishment Fridays, a monogamous first, the journey from corporate to learning & teaching about kinky/poly/sexy things, from juggling multiple partners to deepening satisfaction with one, a biting mishap, their brat streak, don’t-ask-don’t-tells, casual dating, more explicit poly dating, figuring out non-monogamy and kink, safer sex barrier faves, the difficulties of strapping, and the ways in which talking sex prefs ahead of time are hot and/or heavy. “I could see myself getting into a nice group of hot butches degrading me” -Sam / 28 gender fluid mono/poly queer kinky brat / host of Queer Pleasure by Shrimpteeth podcast / //


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