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Manifestor of Balanced Pleasure: A Look at the Chart of a Sex Stories Listener

A Sex Stories listener with a Taurus sun (8th house), Leo Moon (10th house), Libra rising. Is kinky & into:
DDlg, spanking
Oral fixations
Deep throating (especially in terms of power exchange… for clarification, I have a penis, and I enjoy both Topping and being Topped in a deep throat blowjob. It can really be either way, there is no intrinsic top/bottom based on anatomy in that act)
Body Worship (giving and receiving)
Anal sex/pegging (giving and receiving)
Impregnation fantasies/creampie play
Lactation play (not really about the ANR dynamics though, just the physical side)
Binding/restraints/rope play
Orgasm denial/Forced orgasm play (CONSENSUAL)
breath play/neck play

And I’m just growing confidence enough in my own journey as a Dom to lean into where I feel most vulnerable… which is inflicting pain, as a means of getting us both aroused/off. Surprisingly challenging, exceptionally therapeutic in my personal journey!
What do patterns in the stars have to do with our sex lives?

Sexstrology is a community-created podcast where we answer this question by looking at the natal charts and transits of Sex Stories podcast guests and listeners.

It’s a fun way to see how the themes of our stories, desires, and kinks manifest in the astrological energies in our charts, and it’s a way to create stories that help us understand and celebrate our sexy selves.

Join the mission to make the world a sexier place:


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