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Melinda DeSeta (Melinda in Miami)

Are you a boy or a girl? Society wants to put people in boxes. But, for many that doesn’t fit. Gender is fluid!

In this episode of Melinda in Miami, Melinda interviews Roxana Tefel, Licensed Psychotherapist who specializes in helping the LGBTQIA community.

If you have heard the word non-binary and are not sure what it means, don’t worry. She explains it all! Also, learn what not to ask someone who identifies as Non-Binary or Transgender. Everyone deserves their space and ability to be themselves!

Have a sex question? Send me a message on my website and I will answer your question during the “Melinda’s Mailbag” portion of the show!

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Melinda in Miami is broadcasted on Skyhawk Radio After Dark every day at 3pm EST. Download the app and listen live!


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