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Melinda DeSeta (Melinda in Miami)

In this video

Certified Sex Therapist, Melinda DeSeta, explains how to effectively incorporate a 3 sum into your relationship. Learn how to warm up to a 3 sum! Don’t miss these steps and ruin a relationship!

For more tips on how to experience your best sex life, check out her Instagram (@miamisextherapist) or subscribe to this channel.

Do you have a sexy question? Send me a DM on my Instagram. I answer all your questions on my YouTube channel “Melinda in Miami”.

I upload weekly content on how to overcome common sexual challenges, sex education, and dating and relationship tips.

For for information about me, check out my website at:

I am a Licensed Psychotherapist and Certified Sex Therapist. I provide individual and couples counseling for all Florida residents.


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