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More Squirting, Please: Willow’s Sex Stories

Have you ever had a tinder fling turn into Tesla sex + a free ride? Willow has, along with plenty of other awesome flings and one night stands after getting out of a six-year relationship in which her sex drive greater than her bf’s. We talk explorations into kink and BDSM, giving up control, nipple clamps, freezing during dirty talk, the hotness of having the lights on, being tied, held, and grabbed, the erotic fiction of Elizabeth Hoyt, & possible bi-explorations. She’s 24, Norweigen living in Oslo, female, she/her, bi, a little kinky, in school, studying to be a (sexy) librarian.
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Sex Ed for adults: a podcast of inspiration for sex fiends everywhere who enjoy dirty details. Warning: listeners report increase in libido, dirty talk, and twinkles in eyes.

Sex Stories is the best sex podcast for lazy people who still wanna get better at sex – it’s full of inspiring examples! All you have to do is listen.

Deep-dive into the details of guests’ sex lives, shared to inspire and educate sex fiends everywhere. WARNING: listeners report increase in libido, pleasure, and sexual epiphanies.

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