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MV Awards 2019 Experience, Tips, and Reflection

Katy went hard for the MV Awards in 2019, and she wanted to share her experience with you as the 2020 MV Awards kick off. While she didn’t come top 5 in her category (Bush of the Year), she had a lot of success as a model with a smaller social media following who tends more towards “customers” over “fans”. She recommends zeroing on the category that means the most to you, and using video to communicate your connection to the category to your fans and potential voters. Also, she suggests making your awards-related graphics suit your brand while trying to do something a little different to stand out in the avalanche of MV Awards posts that your fans will be seeing on social media and Manyvids itself.

Katy hasn’t entered the 2020 MV Awards, and explains that her 2019 experience really put her off the whole “cash for votes” system. She found herself getting angry at her customers and herself, and didn’t like the jealousy she started to feel towards models that were ranked higher than her during the contest. If you participate in the awards (and even if you don’t), she suggests reading her article about surviving the awards season and reminding yourself (out loud if you have to!) that you are more than the awards you do or do not win.


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