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My Entire Private Area is Quite Hairy: Body Details from H

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My entire private area is quite hairy. I do groom myself, but I still have quite a bit of hair. I’m also a fan of my partners having hair. I tend to call my penis a “dick.” I think it’s about an average size, maybe a bit wider than most. My shaft and balls are a bit darker in tone than the head of my penis, which is circumcised. My scrotum is a bit bumpy with little goosebumpy dots. My balls hang throughout the day, but when it’s cold out they shrink and shrivel up. When I’m turned on, my shaft grows and my balls move up to compensate.

I like having my balls played with, but not too hard. But also not too soft, because they can be ticklish. A medium-pressure sucking or fondling are perfect. I like getting attention on my head, especially the frenulum area. It’s the easiest way to get me to cum, either from blowjobs or handjobs — which I enjoy more than penetrative sex. It becomes extremely sensitive after cumming. My thighs are my number one non-genital erogenous zone. My hips and pelvic area are also very sensitive, but too ticklish to enjoy foreplay. I don’t have any tattoos, but I’ve thought about it. And I haven’t had any major injuries. 

I look at my genitals in the shower, but mostly as a cleanliness and health measure rather than to observe or admire it. I get nervous about partners seeing my body, especially if I’m naked. I’m pretty fit and healthy overall, but I’m self-aware about my body as a whole, so I never take naked pictures either. 

I really enjoy pressing my dick against any surface, especially on someone’s stomach or thighs. 

If I could spend a day with different genitals, I would differently want to finger myself and experience how different the orgasms feel. I’ve never had much touch on my nipples or chest, but I don’t think they turn me on very much. I’m also very reluctant to try butt play, but I enjoy eating out my partner’s ass. Maybe sometime in the future, I’ll be open to having a partner eat mine. And last, but not least, I’m very kinky, and I’m a switch. My favorite kinky activity is called “post orgasm torture,” or overstimulation. It’s perfect to add to the end of an edging or teasing session!

Thank you and keep up the good work, Wyoh!


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