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Not Touched Enough w/ Kelsey Darragh | DBM #60

**TRIGGER WARNING** – Question 3 is about rape.

Kelsey Darragh is here this week to share advice! We’re answering your questions on how to get over your ex that you have a child with, supporting your boyfriend with an estranged father, forgiving your friend who sexually assaulted his girlfriend, and how to ignore your aunt who pretends to be your murdered grandfather’s biggest fan. We also have a listener sharing her advice on how not to compare yourself to other people.

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… with as much detail as possible under 3 minutes! I’ll do my best to share my wonderful words of wisdom. If you’re under 18, please get your parent’s permission. Advice is for entertainment purposes only, so you can’t blame me if I screw up your life. I kid! My advice IS AMAZING.


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