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Open Relationship Dating Tip (The 3 Ps Approach)

Open relationship dating can be stressful and nerve wrecking if you don’t have a general framework. That’s where the easy 3 Ps Approach comes into play to help you make your swinger lifestyle date a smashing success.

The first P discusses the VERY important step that you and your partner should be taking with the couple you’re going out with or else the “fun” playing part of the date can be a complete disaster with hurt feelings and your partner being upset with you.

The second P goes into what to do when it comes to one of the more exciting aspects of open relationship dating. But rather than just diving into the pleasure, there’s something unique here to pay attention to because most people overlook this when in fact it can bring you and your partner closer.

The final P is actually our favorite and makes the entire open relationship dating worth it in our opinion. And no it’s not the part where you get to have an orgasm (although that is a blast). This part is the final cherry on top where you and your partner can truly bond and build that connection that every couple craves in an open relationship.

Curious about an open lifestyle with your partner?…Let’s explore it together 🙂

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