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Podcast 108: Coronavirus, Cancellations and Site Reacting to COVID-19

Hey everyone, welcome or welcome back to the Camland Podcast, this week episode 108 will be presented by Aerie Saunders and Lilith Rose.

Coronavirus causes multiple cancellations within the adult industry.

You can find the full list here:

(Camland Podcast) How the Coronavirus has Impacted Camming / Porn – COVID-19 (AKA Coronavirus) is having a profound impact on the entire globe. Just like every other industry, the adult industry has gotten hit by this epidemic. Events have been cancelled and/or postponed, associations such as the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) have called for a halt of all porn production featuring partners who are not part of the same household and sites have implemented policies addressing COVID-19

(Camland Podcast) iWantClips Encourages Artists to Utilize Coronavirus Trending Terms – iWantClips sent out an e-mail to their Artists to give them some details on new trending search terms on the site on March 14th, 2020. Due to the stress being caused globally by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) they have noticed an increase in search terms related to the virus, including: isolation, quarantine, and coronavirus.

(Camland Podcast) Onlyfans Declares Sexual Content Must Be Behind Paywall – Many models are making free accounts on Onlyfans for promotion purposes and another way to get tipped or post ‘pay to view’ content! but in recent light it’s been stated from Onlyfans support that “nudity and sexual content must behind a paywall”

Site Of the Week:
StripChat, for being so giving to MODELS and members in these stressful times.

Model Tip Of The Week:
COVID-19 has everyone all over the world in stressful times. Take a deep breathe and remember to take care of your mental health and stay safe and healthy. Right now we can thrive, stay home and make as much content as you can and promote yourself!


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