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Sensual Breeze or Sexual Tornado: a California Capricorn

Self-professed kinks: sensory play, light bondage (light), latex (smell, taste, wear), impact play (light), dirty talk (learning)
☀️4th house Capricorn Sun, conjunct Jupiter: could be a big-YES to bondage and discipline with huge doses of aftercare; could be someone into Mommy or Daddy play — likely to want a more nurturing flavor in D/s play
🌙 2nd house Scorpio Moon conjunct Saturn — really deep emotion; is it an escape, or is it necessary to achieve the intensity?
↗ Libra rising: someone who is HERE to be in right relationship — and is also maybe a bit switch-y.
Do they like to get watched? Or would they rather be hidden? Perhaps blindfolds are the way? Is this a submissive? A sexual tornado that rips the earth up? Or the sensual breeze on your skin?
Includes a made-up-by-Wyoh fantasy inspired by water with nipples, at a spa, with a security camera & guard


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