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Shame-Free Princess Brat : Mara’s Sex Stories

No one ever told her to be ashamed by sex or nudity, so she wasn’t. Early sex ed included and an enthusiastic teacher in Kentucky when she was 12 who talked about how amazing sex is, and that it should absolutely be avoided. She tells us why she’s currently playing with the label “autosexual” to describe herself, talks about the internet sex research she did that led her to oversell the greatness of her early sexual experiences, to sometimes traumatic results that ultimately led her to seek out a good therapist (hooray!). All the while, she remained a hopeful sex fiend, seeking out examples of hot, consensual, romantic sex. Explorations with her current partner have led her to discover her kinky side, including impact play, choking, and there’s so much more to come & cum. 26 bisexual cis F from India living in Europe in a 4 year LTR
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