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She Married Me for My Mouth: Alex’s Sex Stories

Do you get turned on by hands? Warmth? Using your DSL’s on a strap-on? Do you know what a FUPA is? Have visual representations of tiny inner labia affected your sexual self? Did you get away with romantic sleepovers when you were younger because you were gay? Or get two sex talks? Alex’s answer is YES to all these questions, and she shares so many other details about her hot new ladyfriend, her sexy wife, her myriad turn-ons. There are stories of threesomes, sex clubs, lesbian road head, mastrubation while driving, exploring power dynamics, toys, hot long distance turn-ons and so much more. 32 gay cis F, married, poly.
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SEX STORIES: Sharing inspirations & explorations to make the world a sexier place, together we can learn to lead better-laid lives, one sex story at a time.


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