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Strip & Sex Club-Loving Liberated Submissive: Lola’s Sex Stories

Why is her girlfriend the best sex of her life? How did she get more comfortable with her sexual self? How does she handle her sexual predator that comes out when she drinks? Lola tells us about everything from “shiners,” to first kisses at the bus stop and giving herself a “feeling” to a sex talk that consisted of germs, pregnancy, and a boiled egg. She’d always fancied Ellen, figured out she liked girls around age 14, and online chat rooms led to (sometimes aggressive) lesbian raves. We talk sucking balls, naughty sex, dirty talking, confidence, pain (esp spanking), and went through a liberation stage that included explorations with a male escort. And good news: she says it gets better as she gets older 🙂

40ish black British woman, maybe a lesbian maybe bi sexual, in a relationship of almost 3 years with a woman, into role play, BDSM, toys, voyeurism, and more. A teacher from London, England, welcome Lola.

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