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Swingers Club Advice for Single Guys (5 Tips)

Being successful as a single guy at a swingers club can be easy if you follow these easy five swingers club tips made just for you!

Tip #1 – This is easily one of the quickest and easiest ways to dramatically increase/transform your attractiveness at the swingers club (or anywhere really). As owners of swingers clubs, we’re there every weekend and are surprised how often this gets overlooked (make it these guys don’t think it matters?) compared to how much women love it!

Tip #2 – This is a personal pet peeve for a LOT of women we talk to. It can be a complete turn-off if not taken care of (or a complete turn-on)! Very similar to #1 and very easily corrected.

Tip #3 – This can be a little harder said than done, but once mastered, this can really be an attraction booster for you. I especially see some guys who aren’t as tall as others use this to really bolster what they’ve got going for them.

Tip #4 – When you’ve made it into the playroom, be sure not to be this or else your chances of physically connecting with another single or couple goes down the drain. You’ve got this far, don’t blow it now!

Tipe #5 – Swingers club tip #4 says not to be X, so instead in tip #5, you should be Y. It’s really impressive when a single guy has got this part of his act together. Makes him look like a true professional when it comes to a swingers club and that helps build trust with the people he has the opportunity to play with.

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