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Teasing, Tantalizing Touch & Tantra: Kamali’s Sex Stories

Kamali (f, she/her, sexually fluid, Brooklyn-born, LA-based, @wearespaceforlove) knows how to spark transcendent, full-body orgasms in her own body, at will. She is a love and Intimacy educator and in the first half of this episode, shares about her work with tantric and Daoist practices to help singles and couples restore connection, access pleasure, and create deeper intimacy. In the second half, Kamali gives details of her sexual journey, being aware of sexual energy at a very young age, to exploring sex in long-term relationships.
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Let’s lead better-laid lives. Talking about what you want ahead of time *is* a turn-on; each episode is proof. Host Wyoh Lee invites us all to share sex stories in an effort to normalize (very) explicit, enthusiastic communication, prioritize pleasure, and make the world a sexier, more consensual place.

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