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The Ooey Gooey Game: Jacklyn’s Sex Stories

TW: first P-in-V sex was not consensual, and cultural messages led her to believe she wasn’t desirable post-virginity “loss,” so she went through a phase of dating heroin addicts until she left the states for an island life. Since then, she’s come a long way and is getting her PhD in human sexuality and now is a submissive exploring her kinky side, finding the edges of desire and lingering hints of shame, and ALSO she is the woman who will get into orgasm loops with herself for hours at a time when she just *needs* more after learning to orgasm around age 20, and actually told her lover to his face that they’d just had the *worst* sex of her life, and he said I know, can we talk about it? Jacklyn really believes that any two people can have great sex if there’s communication (Wyoh agrees—we just have to find the overlap!), and we discuss so much more: learning what a vulva is in college, sexy checklists that opened up her world, what it’s like to be 6 weeks into her PhD, how she liked anal sex right from the beginning, the deliciousness of feeling full and butt plugs, water sports and the hot orgasms that can happen with the push/pull of orgasm/urination feeling, sensitive balls, massage fantasies, the fact that she’s NEVER SEEN PORN, an awkward threesome, and the idea that it’s ok for sex to be important in a relationship. 28 pansexual kinky submissive, monogamous, behavior analyst, works with individuals with disabilities and is getting her PhD studying human sexuality.
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