Totally Inappropriate Radio Show

For over five years, multiple award-winning performer, director, and producer Kimber Haven, fan-favorite adult starlet, cam model, and feature dancer Raven Roxx, and multi-award nominated adult director Lexis Steel have dominated the airwaves reaching over 400k listeners worldwide. Hosts Kimber and Raven and Producer Lexis talk about anything and everything from sex to porn to their life experiences and beyond. Their frankness, comedic talents, and wild personalities have made them loved the world over, and new listeners are tuning in every week to be entertained and sometimes educated. Looking for new horizons, the trio left their former network and joined the Skyhawk After Dark—they’re ready to terrorize a whole new audience and bring their previous listeners into the fray. You’ve been warned…

Kimber Haven

Kimber Haven is the loud mouth of the show. Her opinions often border inappropriate, hence the name. Is she the bully, the star, the bimbo, or all of the above? Tune in to find out.

Raven Roxx

Raven Roxx is the pint sized, big boobed cohost that gives her unique views on Kimbers crazy antics when shes not picking up girls and fucking them.

Lexis Steel

Lexis Steel is the cisfemale that keeps everyone else in check. She doesn’t put up with either girls shit, and literally puts the bad in Bad Girl Mafia. She can be heard weekly trying to tolerate Kimber and Raven.

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