WCSU Webinar: Episode 4

Welcome back to the WCSU Webinar, we will be going live October 1st, 2020 at 3pm PT / 6pm ET. ♥ Picking promos to participate in The team will discuss how … source

WCSU Webinar: Episode 7

Webcam Startup Webinar Episode 7: Private Sites, Customer Service, and Adult Ads Welcome back to the Webcam Startup Webinar taking place on December … source

Breast Q&A with my friend Kayla

Kayla was nervous about being on camera. It’s understandable with the lights and the audience and potential trolls in the comments section. I reassured her that … source

Bikini and Bathing Suit Designer Competition / 4K / Miami Fashion Week #getshifted

Bikini, Bathing Suit, Swimwear designer competition show in 4K. Filmed at Miami Fashion week. Ready to find out who will be the next bikini designer? VOTE! source

Lighting Options for Clips and Cam Models

In this video, Katy Churchill discusses a few different lighting options at a variety of price points. Here are the 5 options discussed in the video: Natural Lighting: … source

Incest Porn? Not all Porn Stars are fans. Just ask Liv Revamped

Incest porn or Fauxcest porn is taking over, but do Porn Stars like this controversial and taboo type of sex? Porn star “Liv (Aguilera) Revamped” tells us in no uncertain terms how all aspects of incest porn have been frustrating to say the least. She’s too young to be a MILF and too old to […]

Melinda DeSeta (Melinda in Miami)

Pegging has made its way into mainstream sexy conversation, as it should! Pegging comes with a lot of negative connotations, without acknowledging all the pleasure it can bring to penis owners’ G-spot! Most of those who have penises also have a nerve dense prostate! This toy is measured to target that G-Spot providing an immense […]

OMG Bikini and Bathing Suit show in Miami – NEW RELEASE!

Dear fans here is a fresh edit…!!! Due to a wardrobe malfunction, we had to relist this fabulous show. Show your support for SHIFT and SHIF models by sharing, … source

Boyfriend Wants to Watch Me With Other People | DBM #110

My boyfriend Mats is here again for our annual Valentine’s Day episode. We’re sharing our advice on how to save up for a house, if you should get together with you friends with benefits, if your partner should give you unconditional support, and what to do if your boyfriend wants to try shrooms. We also […]

WCSU Webinar Episode 8: Pornhub and Visa, Financial Planning and Budgeting, Year in Review

Hi and welcome back to the Webcam Startup Webinar! Usually this is hosted on Camland Podcast, but we are currently undergoing a remodel to transform the … source

Testicle Trivia

Dr. Doe’s contact info: TWITTER : TUMBLR : FACEBOOK : … source

CIRONE Swimwear bikini and bathing suit fashion runway show

CIRONE Swimwear is a unique Miami Bikini, Bathing Suit, Swimwear designer featuring the best swimwear talent, models, and music! Sit back and enjoy the … source