Open Love 101

Does Fantasizing About Someone Else Mean Cheating?

A couple asked us the other day if it’s bad to fantasize about someone else while being intimate with your partner. Is that wrong? Is it cheating? Is it bad? Let’s dive into this rabbit hole of fantasy talk and where it could go! For more information on open relationships, visit: source

Introducing Consensual Non-monogamy to Your Partner

Ok so you’re interested in this consensual non-monogamy thing, but how do you tell your partner about it? How do you approach the topic and introduce them to CNM without freaking them out?! Watch this video (perhaps together) and discover how! To learn more about open relationships, visit source

How To Find Play Partners

We had a comment/question from a couple in an open relationship where the wife is having a much easier time finding play partners than the husband, which led him to ask the question: How do I find more play partners? Let’s jump in and discuss that! To learn more about open relationships, go to […]

Is Consensual Non-Monogamy All About Sex?

When people think Consensual Non-Monogamy (CNM), many of them think about the exciting and juicy non-monogamy part where you get to have sex with multiple partners. Lots of it. A lot of the time. But is that true? Is that what CNM is all about? Let’s explore and discuss that today! To learn more about […]

Is Sex All About Penetration?

We talk about a couple of important things in this video. We started with the popular male topic of what to do if you can’t get or stay hard (we share a few solutions), but then stumble onto the discussion of “is sex all about penetration”? To learn more about open relationships, visit source

Sharing your partner and being OK with it!

How the heck can I watch my partner with someone else and be ok with it? This is a very common question for those who are getting into the lifestyle and haven’t tried it before. And for some people who do try it, they have negative feelings and wonder how that can dissipate and transform […]

Diversity of labels in open lifestyle

At our colette lifestyle clubs, we’re starting to see more and more people with diverse desires (and hence labels) in their open relationship. Many years ago, it was just the term “swinger” and that encompassed practically all of us. However, these days it’s a whole lot different with many new terms as this beautiful relationship […]

Resentments and the Damage It Causes

I’m sure you’re aware that harboring resentment can tear your relationship apart and do devastating damage. This is not just for romantic relationships, but any relationship. But how do you let it go? Why is it so difficult to talk about it (in a loving way) that doesn’t punish your partner and make it harder? […]

Coming Out and Dealing with Fear of Being Judged

You’re into what?!? You know what you’re doing is wrong, RIGHT? Yes, that could be one of the knee jerk responses you could face if you come out as being in open relationships. Thus, it’s understandable if it’s scary to not tell anyone about your lifestyle preference. Today, John and Jackie talk about their rather […]

Colette Houston and I candy Aliens

This is an I Candy event at colette Houston source

Swinging is fun

We talk a lot about the deep emotional side of swinging – jealousy, fear, etc., so today we’d go the opposite direction and talk about the fun and lighter side of swinging and being in an open relationship. source