Sex Stories

Fisting & Pizza Boy Threesomes: Peter’s Sex Stories

(*trauma warning* — read description!) How does one man stumble into so many glorious group sex situations? How do you process being molested as a kid when the experience was not entirely unenjoyable? How does he discover his love of dildos, butt stuff both ways, and edging, even though he doesn’t identify as specifically kinky? […]

Polyamorous Sexplorations & High Vaginas: Tree & Al’s Sex Stories

Tree (he/him & also they/them, trans masculine being, from Florida, American/Venezuelan) and Al (she/her, cis female, from Texas) are both in their late 20’s, pansexual, poly, have been together for 8 years and married for a year and a half. They tell us about their recent ventures into polyamory and the positive effect its having […]

Lunch Break Blowjobs: Joy’s Sex Stories

Joy (34, straight-but-open-to-exploring cis female on the East Coast) and Wyoh connect over the benefits of having a married man lover, and she tells stories about her sexual adventures including going down on her firefighter friends while they were waiting for calls at the station, lunch break blowjobs, gangbang fantasies, golden showers, fingering butt holes, […]

Teasing, Tantalizing Touch & Tantra: Kamali’s Sex Stories

Kamali (f, she/her, sexually fluid, Brooklyn-born, LA-based, @wearespaceforlove) knows how to spark transcendent, full-body orgasms in her own body, at will. She is a love and Intimacy educator and in the first half of this episode, shares about her work with tantric and Daoist practices to help singles and couples restore connection, access pleasure, and […]

A Kinky Brat’s Extreme Fantasy: Dani’s Sex Stories

Would you tell your mom (or stepdad, or coworkers) about the guy you’re pegging? Dani is a hyper sexual southern belle, kinky little girl/brat who’s into butt stuff, threesomes, getting beaten til she cries, loves roughness and face fucking. She’s been known to convert dudes into Daddies, explores (ethically & non-monogamously) with partners in private […]

Cannon Cumshot Try-Sexual: Jon’s Sex Stories

{*TW: sexual abuse story ahead*} Jon is an experience collector with a powerful ejaculation. It all started with a stack of pornos, discovered with cousins as a kid, flipping through and picking something to try, it led to: (very secret) anal sex with a dude cousin, lots of sex during his musician life, voyeurism, exhibitionism, […]

Lunch Break Foursomes & Fire Escape BJ’s: Phil’s Sex Stories

Phil (24) has had big balls since he was a baby, mostly hooked up with chicks in high school and college, but discovered his kinky, freaky and queer side post-graduation when he moved to SF. He’s into Grindr, lots of sex, slapping, choking, spitting, tying, group play, recording, piss play, anonymous play, married men, hotel […]

Switchy Amazingness: Steph’s Sex Stories

Steph (22, pansexual) and her fiancée are both switches, and take turns dominating each other in the bedroom. And Steph tells her mom everything. And her mom is also super open with *her* as well when it comes to her own D/s relationship and threesomes. Steph hit the ground running sexually-speaking just a few years […]

Fucking Human Sex Machine: Justin’s Sex Stories

He can last as long as you need, can basically perform on command if there’s love, his first partnered sex was “unorthodox,” he’s submissive, but not by choice: Justin is a wheelchair user and has cerebral palsy. He talks about his experiences dating, being treated differently because of his disability, and tells amazing stories about […]

BONUS | First Time, First Threesome, First Kink-sploration: Wyoh’s Progressed Moon Sex Stories

When did I finally lose my virginity? Have an ongoing fling with an Australian pilot? Get into group sex? Cheat? Try to marry a couple? Say goodbye to my vanilla life? It all aligns perfectly with my progressed moon. Incredible teacher, poet, astrologer and my dear friend Heidi (@heidiroserobbins) returns to help us understand the […]

TEASE I | The Prism House { A Group Sex Party Story}

A romanticish mildly kinky erotic story, written & read by Wyoh Lee | The Prism House is whimsical to the outside eye that has no iThedea how practical a place it is for the most magical sex parties ever experienced by humankind. Only True Lovers are welcome here; and truly sex things happen here quite […]

BONUS | Zoom Sex & Foreplay Favorites

@tonytypes is on a quest for phone sex; instead, he got Zoom sex with multiple angles and amazing turn-on discoveries. He inspires @wyohlee with this cross-country video sex in a deep-dive single-story bonus episode; Wyoh also answers a listener question about her favorite forms of foreplay, and lets people know how they can talk to […]