What is audio eroticism & erotica? What is an auralism kink and is Audio Hypnosis Erotica part of this? What are the benefits of incorporating erotic content into your lifestyle, and how can erotica be incorporated into a relationship to improve sexual intimacy and emotional connection? Be sure to listen all the way through for a sexy snippet from erotic aural erotica master Lala.

About our guest: Lala is the founder of Lala’s Bedtime Tales, a sexual wellness and liberation brand. She is a sexuality and sexual health advocate, audio erotic podcast host, and an erotica writer. Lala started Lala’s Bedtime Tales to create a safe and judgment-free space for individuals to learn about sexual health and how to feel sexually empowered in and out of the bedroom. Lala’s Bedtime Tales is a sexual wellness digital platform that inspires you to take control and ownership of your sexy by mixing education with entertainment. Through Lala’s Bedtime Tales, she offers erotica and romance literature, sexual health and wellness education from licensed medical professionals, and healthy relationships & intimacy advice from sexuality experts. Lala’s mission is to de-stigmatize women’s sexuality as a dirty thing and encourage and educate women on ways to enjoy their sexual pleasure and feel confident and sexy in their sexuality. Lala is a firm believer that sexual health education is a human right and everyone deserves knowledge about sexual wellness, consent, and pleasure because sex should never be mentally or physically painful but a fun, beautiful, and intimate act.


· Lala’s Bedtime Tales Website: https://www.lalasbedtimetales.com/

· Lala’s Bedtime Tales Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/5YmouZTiUYHdrPwsw3Ro9V

· Lala’s Bedtime Tales Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lalasbedtimetales/

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