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WCSU Webinar 1: Social Media, Are Publicity Stunts Hurting the Industry, Fan Clubs Killing Clips?

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The pilot episode of the Webcam Startup Webinar will be taking place on August 1st, 2020 at 6pm Eastern Time. The WCSU Webinar will focus on current topics and trends impacting the indie adult industry including new websites, current news happening with existing websites, obstacles indie performers may face, tips and tricks to succeeding in the indie industry by utilizing current trending topics, and more!

♥ Utilizing Social Media to Build and Maintain your Brand
Social media is an important part of building and maintaining your popularity as well as your income in the indie adult industry. The team will be discussing current social media trends, what social media they have found success on comparatively to the past few years and how the world of social media has changed for adult promotion over the course of the past few years including shadowbans and the continued discrimination against sex workers on non-adult platforms.

♥ Split Camming and Why We Love or Hate It
Split camming has always been a love or hate topic among performers, the team will discuss some of the benefits as well as the negatives and give feedback on tools to utilize if you do plan to split cam. We will also be discussing the new platform SPLTStream, which will revolutionize adult split camming as we know it.
Learn more: Diving into SPLTStream: The Best Cam Splitter Software –
SPLTStream Adult Cam Splitting Software Demo / Guide –

♥ Publicity Stunts on Webcam Sites, helpful or hurtful?
Recently there has been an increase of sites posting outrageous press releases as well as making astounding claims to catch the attention of mainstream media, does the team think this is helpful or hurtful to the adult community?
For example: ImLive offers $1 million to sports commentators to make cam shows accessible to visually impaired, offers few details for models –
CamSoda launches “COVID safe” studios in Colombia, Romania plans to expand to US market –

♥ Postpone or Virtual? Adult events have gone virtual, do we love it?
Due to the current global pandemic, many adult events have been faced with the tough decision of going virtual or postponing. The “clout” aspect of in person events including the red carpet promo pics has been thrown out the window, and some sites are not coping. Some sites have decided to go virtual and are thriving while also being able to include performers with travel limitations or at-home responsibilities. What does the team think?
Companies that have gone virtual: XBIZ events go online-only for the rest of 2020, includes XBIZ Miami & XBIZ Berlin –
The YNOT Summit is back and virtual for 2020 –

♥ Are Adult Fan Clubs Killing Clips?
Over the past year, we have witnessed the massive rise of fan club platforms. Most notably, OnlyFans has completely dominated the market and even become a mainstream name. Is the “get more for less” market killing the clip market? The team will discuss some of the changes they’ve experienced during the rise of fan clubs and if there is still a demand for clips, as well as compare how the demand has changed from recent years.

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