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WCSU Webinar: Episode 2

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WCSU Webinar Episode 2: Bella Thorne and OnlyFans, Inspiration, Halloween in Cam Land, Earn More as an Affiliate!

The second episode of the Webcam Startup Webinar will be taking place on September 1st, 2020 at 6pm Eastern Time. The WCSU Webinar will focus on current topics and trends impacting the indie adult industry including new websites, current news happening with existing websites, obstacles indie performers may face, tips and tricks to succeeding in the indie industry by utilizing current trending topics, and more!

Bella Thorne and the OnlyFans Controversy, what is next for adult performers on OnlyFans?
Recently, former Disney star turned “captain save a hoe” Bella Thorne signed up for OnlyFans to help “reduce the stigmas that sex workers face.” In the process, she managed to gain a massive ($1m+) paycheck and sent out photos claiming to be nude, which were not, which has been speculated to cause a massive increase in chargebacks for the platform and has also been speculated to be responsible for new maximum amounts for pay to view messages and tips. The team will discuss their opinion on what happened, the stress it has caused the community, and where we think OnlyFans and other platforms that cater to celebrities will be headed.

Staying Motivated, Inspiring Yourself, and Avoiding Burn Out
Career adult industry workers can often find themselves in a rut or bogged down by the same day to day work on cam, clips, or phone sex. The team will discuss ways to stay motivated, find inspiration to continue creating content, and the importance of self care to avoid the dreaded burn out.

September is here which means it’s Halloween in cam land
While many holidays happen in real time for a majority of the world, in cam land holidays get to come early because of the preparation sex workers do by preparing clips, content, and events early to polish them perfectly before the holiday arrives. The team will share their holiday content tips, and discuss some ways to incorporate Halloween into your promotion and content without hurting your earnings.

Become an Affiliate, earn more with your traffic
Affiliate networks are so common many camming sites have integrated them into the basic functions of a model account, but not everyone knows how to use them and when to use them. Are you using your affiliate links to make extra profit from your personal traffic, or are you fumbling the bag?


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