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WCSU Webinar Episode 3: Guest Dominic Ford (JustForFans), Adult Industry Scams, Nude Vs Non-nude

In this video

The third episode of the Webcam Startup Webinar will be taking place on September 15th, 2020 at 6pm Eastern Time. The WCSU Webinar will focus on current topics and trends impacting the indie adult industry including new websites, current news happening with existing websites, obstacles indie performers may face, tips and tricks to succeeding in the indie industry by utilizing current trending topics, and more!

– Guest Appearance from Dominic Ford of JustForFans

Dominic Ford will be making a guest appearance to talk about his fan club platform, JustForFans. He will be announcing some awesome stuff, so make sure to tune in!
Read more: JustForFans – Adult-Friendly Fanclubs, Clips and Sexting

– Common Adult Industry Scams and How to Spot a Scam

Scammers run wild in the adult industry and prey on new and experienced adult industry members, the team will discuss some common scams and how to spot a scam.

– Nude Versus Non-nude

The team will discuss some of the different industry avenues which nude and non-nude performers can utilize and discuss the differences between the styles and if you can find success doing one of them or both!

– Don’t forget to register to vote!

If you’re in the US, the election is right around the corner. Register to vote!


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