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Wet Through His Thick Church Khakis: Daniel & Marie’s Sex Stories

Marie (26, queer cis F) can cum from thinking, and Daniel (26, pan trans M) has never been wetter in his life than when he’s with her, in spite of the fact that being on testosterone is supposed to make you drier. They met on twitter and are clearly soulmates. She has hyper-sensitive nipples (and body in general!), grew up Catholic, had some nonconsensual trauma in early experiences, and didn’t really start exploring her queerness until college. He uses his non-dominant hand for sex, grew up evangelical Christian, was raised as a girl and transitioned at 22. They claim not to be kinky, but he’s tied her up with his church tie 😉

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A podcast of inspiration for sex fiends everywhere who enjoy dirty details. Warning: listeners report increase in libido, dirty talk, and twinkles in eyes.

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