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What’s a PlayShip? Wyoh’s Sex at Work Update

Wyoh answers her own set of Sex at Work questions and talks about Mission 69 [] and catches up on her sexy work-related emails in this episode:

(33:52) a Listener YAY re: talking to his 17-year-old son about sex!
(37:22) how an arthritis diagnosis led to a big load
(38:32) I want to explore this brave new sexy world…where should I start?
(43:40) beyond vanilla explorations, threesomes & x-somes, with nice people who are also interesting in fucking her & (45:49) a parts poll response that includes a helicoptering dick mirror fantasy that is *delightful.*
(52:45) Questions from Dante: what BDSM furniture would you be most excited to play with in a dungeon? And if you were a grownup but had no grownup responsibilities, what arts & crafts projects would you be most excited to work on for a couple months? Email 6-9 answers for each to //



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