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Will You Please Rip These Off of Me? Melanie from Lorals

What did the condom manufacturer say when Melanie Cristol, founder & CEO of Lorals was honest about the fact that she was looking to produce silky latex undies that are ultra thin super stretchy for oral sex, fingering, scissoring, for people who are sensitive to beards, periods, for nervous rimmers, shy people & more? Melanie and Wyoh talk about the value in learning implicit communication, the inadequacies of dental dams, and her background as a lawyer and peer sex educator that led her to create a product that is making a longed-for pleasure for so many a possibility — with a safety stamp of approval from the FDA on the horizon. She talks about the loans and pitch competitions that got away because the idea of pleasuring lower holes is “too” sexy, we talk about how younger generations are opening up the minds of their elders, and of course discuss Wyoh’s future fantasy about having a PlayShip stocked with Lorals. // Join the Mission! MISSION69.ORG /// @melaniecristol @mylorals /


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