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1.5 Million Have Signed Petition For Mia Khalifa’s Videos To Be Removed From The Internet

For all the people who love watching porn, their are also many more who dont want any of it on the internet. But that isnt exactly the case here. Mia has made it clear that she doesnt want her content on the internet. Her loving fan’s are trying to help the case move along faster. […]

Adult film star Ron Jeremy now facing sexual assault charges involving 17 victims | ABC7

Adult film star Ron Jeremy is set to be arraigned on Monday on 20 additional rape and other sexual assault charges involving 12 more women and a teenage girl in attacks dating back to 2004, bringing the number of alleged victims to 17. Jeremy, 67, pleaded not guilty in June to allegations that he raped […]

Stern Warnings To Students Streaming Porn

A local law enforcement agency warns students in its county not to stream porn during online classes because the laws are harsh for those offenses.

Mia Khalifa: Why I’m speaking out about the porn industry – BBC News

The human preoccupation with sex is nothing new – but the internet has made it so much easier to explore and exploit every shade of desire. The online porn industry makes billions of dollars in profit every year, but the big winners are corporate players, not the women and men performing the sex acts. Stephen […]

France’s New Porn Ban Explained – TLDR News

Recently the French Parliament signed off on an age verification bill, which attempts to prevent under-18s from viewing adult content. The problem is that like the UK’s attempts to do similar things in 2019, there are a whole bunch of issues with the plan. In this video, we explain what the French are trying to […]