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SHOULD I SLEEP WITH MY GAY BFF?! feat. Alexis G. Zall | DBM #39

Open Relationship Flings and Sex with Gay BFF The lovely Alexis G. Zall is here this week! We’re sharing our advice on what to do if you haven’t orgasmed (EVER), handling being in love with you gay best friend and he wants to have sex for funsies, and coping with a friend that’s depressed. We […]

Melinda DeSeta (Melinda in Miami)

Are you a boy or a girl? Society wants to put people in boxes. But, for many that doesn’t fit. Gender is fluid! In this episode of Melinda in Miami, Melinda interviews Roxana Tefel, Licensed Psychotherapist who specializes in helping the LGBTQIA community. If you have heard the word non-binary and are not sure what […]

Roommate Having S** Right Next To You w/ Joslyn Davis | Don’t Blame Me

“I don’t owe this man shit!” ClevverTV’s Joslyn Davis joined me this week! We’re sharing advice on dealing with your long distance breakup, educating male friends on women’s rights, and how to get back into dating after calling off a wedding a week before the ceremony. We also have an update on the caller whose […]

Melinda DeSeta (Melinda in Miami)

Do you know what STI is on the rise? Almost 90% of people have been exposed! Hear what to ask your doctor at your next appointment. Melinda DeSeta interviews a medical student who is working at an STI clinical in a major city. Learn how to keep yourself safe, what STIs are on the rise, […]


You guys asked for her, so Lily Marston is back and we’re here sharing our advice! We’re answering your questions on what to do if you’ve been lying to your family for years about your boyfriend, dealing with your brother and bestfriend potentially boning, and there’s even talk of an excellent penis. We also have […]

Melinda DeSeta (Melinda in Miami)

Melinda DeSeta, Licensed Psychotherapist, unboxes Maliboo’s new sex toys. Link below to the toys and discount code! I’m your tour guide as you explore your sexuality. I’m here to introduce you to new ways to experience pleasure, from a clinical point of view, and learn your body! Check out my YouTube channel, “Melinda in Miami”, […]

Melinda DeSeta (Melinda in Miami)

Finding the right toy, is like dating. You have to learn and experience the toy in order to find what you desire for your pleasure! Let me introduce you to the “Slim Strawberry Silicon Vibrator”. Looking for clitoral stimulation? A super quiet design? Attractive product? Check out Exotic Play! Their online store offers toys, sexy […]

Melinda DeSeta (Melinda in Miami)

If you need help with your relationship or dealing with your partner, call today at (305) 505-3789 source


“This 45-year-old woman is going to a 18-year-old girl for advice? What advice?” _______ Valentine’s Day is coming! So this week my boyfriend Mats is here! We’re sharing our relationship advice on how to spice up a long distance relationship and how to deal with your boyfriend’s mom being obsessed with his ex. We also […]

Melinda DeSeta (Melinda in Miami)

This video is about interview with Steve source

CATFISHED BY A FUCK BOY | Don’t Blame Me w/ Meghan Rienks

“even serial killers go to college” https://www.dontblameme.show/ ______________________________ HEY READ ME IF UR CONFUSED! This is my podcast Don’t Blame Me! Weeee! Now you know! I’ve been doing this for a while and decided to film a few episodes to share with you guys! The video format is temporary (for now) but you can ALWAS […]

DATING YOUR COUSIN w/ Claudia Sulewski | Don’t Blame Me

GUYS THIS IS ACTUALLY A VIDEO! The video feed WILL kick in & you’ll hear & see us! LOOK I LISTEN TO YOUR REQUESTS! “That dick better be worth it.” _______________________ This week my good friend and actress Claudia Sulewski joined me to give you advice! We covered a vast array of topics like how […]