OnlyFans is Getting Rid of LEWD Content?! RIP OnlyFans!

Clownfish TV OnlyFans is “pivoting away” from the PRON to nab venture capital. They wanna go legit. But when your business model is literally built on lewd content, how do you do that? Remember what happened to Tumblr… About Clownfish TV: Hosted by Kneon and Geeky Sparkles, Clownfish TV is an independent, opinionated news and […]

Porn and the Pandemic: From PornHub to OnlyFans, COVID-19 May Have Changed Sex Work Forever | NBCLX

As pandemic restrictions tightened in 2020, the amount of porn people were watching at home surged right at the same time the professional porn industry was slowing way down. So performers and fans flocked to new porn platforms — particularly OnlyFans, where amateurs and professionals alike earn subscription income by posting adult content. Meanwhile, job […]